Photos from Our Vacation in Italy

June 19 - July 6, 2003

We had a wonderful trip to Italy - the food, the people, and the sights were fantastic. The sights were so great that we took tons of photos (inspired by the photography book we read on the plane). We managed to select the best ~1/3 of our photos that you can view from the list below. If that's still too much, you can view an abbreviated version of only the best 35 of the best.

Milan & Lecco

Day 1 Whirlwind tour of cathedrals in Milan and on to Lecco, a cute little town on Lake Como.


Day 2 Continuing through northern Italy with a stop for the incredible cathedrals here.


Day 3 Our first sight of ruins, including an ancient arena where John's parents attended an opera performance.


Day 4-6 The romantic, sinking city.

Prato, Lucca, & Collodi

Day 7 Our first sights of Tuscany from the industrial city of Prato, to the cute old town of Lucca, and on to gorgeous 17th century gardens in Collodi.


Day 8 Our last full day with John's parents in this peaceful old town.

San Gimignano, Pisa

Day 9 From a very old hill town filled with towers to huge touristy crowds around the Leaning Tower.


Day 9-12 The city of art. John's favorite.


Day 12-16 Starting with our first sights of Roman ruins in the light of the setting sun. Wanda's favorite.


Day 15 An adventurous all-day excursion from Rome, with extensive experience in why they say the transportation in hell is run by Italians.