This month Tilly, our nanny for the past 3 years, quit right before Mom left on a week-long business trip. A very tough month for all!

New Skills:

  • Simple adding and substracting--thanks to an iPod Touch game.

Favorite activities:

  • Wanting to hear all about what Mommy and Daddy did when they were her age. This included a morning of all of us wearing our kimono robes when Jazz discovered that Dad lived in Japan when he was 5.
  • Building fairy houses, thanks to a great book from Nonna and Papa: Fairy Houses ... Everywhere!

Cute Quotes and Conversations:

  • Bookworm Jazz
    • Jazz cries:"Keep Reading!"
    • Dad says:"That's the end of the story" after finishing an 80-page book.
    • Jazz protests: "That was a short one!" Sheesh! The book addiction starts early.
  • Jazz claims: "I'm the most like Mommy. Daddy and I are alike only because we both have glasses and we both are skinny. Mommy and I are both girls. We both like shopping, and clothes, and books..." Dad objected vehemently to not being counted as alike for the last item.
  • More on career considerations
    • "I’m thinking about what I want to be when I grow up. I think I want to be a teacher, but I’m also thinking about construction."
    • "I'm going to be a cooker like Mom when I grow up. I'll own a dessert store and sell cakes and cookies."

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