This month featured a little too much travel - flying to South Dakota for Grandpa Vic's funeral service and Christmas with Grandma Emmy and Grandpa Bill in Spearfish, and flying to a glorious spot in Lake Tahoe for New Years with many of the Gennaris.We ended up spending an extra couple days in Spearfish because of a blizzard that shutdown the interstates across the entire state of South Dakota, but we all enjoyed the snow up until that point.

New Skills:

  • Writing her name "JAZZ" correctly and with confidence
  • Writing most of the letters of the alphabet

Favorite Activities:

  • Making books - drawing figures or putting stickers on small pieces of paper and taping or stapling them together into a book.
  • Making up her own stories - a recent one had 8 chapters.
  • Playing with Mom's old barbie dolls that Mom and Grandma Emmy found in Grandma's basement.

Quotes - the month of tough questions!

  • "Do only grown-ups die?"
  • "What is God?"

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