This month featured a lot of intellectual growth. Jazz is sounding out words and drawing everything in much more detail - possibly because she can now see the detail thanks to her glasses.

Favorite Activities:

  • Sorting fairy books - this time by the letter they start with
  • Drawing fairies
  • Organizing things to sell at her pretend stores
  • Yoga
  • Counting games
  • Franklin books, fairy books, and Magic School Bus books are this month's favorites

Cute Quotes and Conversations:

  • Jazz said to Mom: "I have an idea! You know how sometimes when I want to play, you say you can't because you have to work? Well, you can work while I'm at preschool!" Hmm, what does she think Mom does while she's at preschool?
  • Jazz announced: "When I grow up, I want to be a store owner."
    • Mom: "What kind of things would you sell in the store."
    • Jazz: "All the things in my house that I don't want anymore."
    • Maybe we should start her store now...

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