This month was challenging because we discovered Jasmine has hyperopia (far-sighted), strabismus (eye crossing), and amblyopia (a weak or lazy eye). She has a new pair of glasses and many eye patches now.

New Skills:

  • Really taking off in reading and writing - loving to sound out words and name all the words that start with a certain letter. This slowed significantly when she got glasses though.

Cute Quotes and Conversations:

  • Singing "I miss Dadooo! I love him too!" over and over again all the way to preschool (John was on a 2-day business trip)
  • “I’m very grumpy that my Legos won’t do what I want them to!”
  • Most common spoken phrase: "I know that!" in the tone of a petulant teenager!
  • When she discovered that a puzzle had a missing edge piece :“That’s okay. Now the other pieces have a path to get inside the puzzle.” (already proving she has the Gennari positive view of life)

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