This month featured lots of travel. First, a short trip to Port Townsend for John's student's wedding where Jasmine was the flower girl. She loved being a flower girl and leapt around the wedding party tossing petals as she laughed. Then, a long trip to Vermont and North Carolina to visit grandparents, aunts, uncles, and cousins.

Favorite Activities:

  • Trying on six different outfits before deciding on what to wear each morning - Dad claims Mom is responsible for this trait.
  • Playing dress-up with all kinds of dolls - magnet dolls, sticker dolls, Polly Pocket dolls, etc.
  • Painting at art school - featuring a dinosaur, airplane, windsock, several butterflies, and many instances of abstract art on multi media.
  • Making magic wands (out of K'nex, yarn, straws, sticks, grass, etc.) that she carries with her everywhere.
  • Swimming anywhere she can.
  • Constructing with K'nex and Lego.
  • Making up stories and playing pretend games.
  • Making up and singing her own songs.

Cute Quotes and Conversations

  • "My poop is stuck in traffic." - referring to one of the unfortunately many times she was constipated, shortly after a trip where we got stuck in traffic.
  • "Don't tell me that, Mom! I'll get too excited to sleep." when Mom mentioned that the hotel has a swimming pool.
  • At dinner in North Carolina
    • Grandpa Vic says to Jasmine: "You sure look beautiful when you smile."
    • Jasmine scowls back at Grandpa and says: "There are no smiles in this game!!"


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