This month Jazz refuses to wear anything but dresses and usually only her fairy dress or her Princess Belle dress.

The ending of preschool this month was tramatic for all of us. Jazz still asks to go to preschool, and we received the sudden news that her preschool was closing. Not a good sleep month for Mom or Jazz.

Favorite Activities:

  • Playing with Lego people - one of whom is Jasmine who is nervous about summer art school
  • Playing with other little girls (definitely not boys though!)
  • Pretending to be characters in her books (preferably the fairy books)
  • Running through the sprinker
  • Building with Legos or Marble Run

Cute Quotes and Conversations

  • A couple days after preschool graduation (where she was the only child who refused to take the rose offered by the teacher on stage), Jazz asks "Why did Teacher Mandy want me to hold a flower with thorns on it". Sometimes she has an excellent reason behind her seeming rebellion!
  • "Yes, please. Wait! I mean 'Yes' without the magic word." and sometimes there is no good reason.
  • After fighting sleep for at least an hour,
    • Jazz demands "Let's compromise!"
    • Mom (wanting to see if Jazz really understands this word) asks "How would that work?"
    • Jazz says "I say 'I'm going to sleep in your bed.' You say 'No, you stay in your own bed.' Then we agree that I get to go to your bed. That's how it goes."
    • Maybe she does understand how compromises work.


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