This month featured another great trip to California - Dad had a workshop in Palo Alto and Mom had a conference in San Francisco. We got to stay with Patti & Larry for a few days, and have dinner with Aunt Jennifer, Uncle John and Cousins Hewson, Maggie, and Sarah.

New Skills:

  • Writing her version of her name on everything "JZZ"
  • Sounding out some words
  • Finally, concluding that she could play outside at preschool even though she doesn't like two boys there (thanks to a lot of help from her teacher!)
  • Ice skating - starting with Dad in San Francisco and continuing at home - definitely a favorite!

Cute Quotes and Conversations

  • "Ah, Man! Daddy's cleaning the kitchen again!!" -
  • "Why do you and Mommy decide when my bedtime is?" - spoken to Daddy when she didn't want to go to bed.

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