This month featured a fabulous trip to California for Jennifer Gennari and John Schlag's wedding. Jasmine loved the beach and the ocean.

New Skills:

  • Drawing people with faces, arms, and legs
  • Recognizing and writing letters, parially thanks to the new letter of the day activity that Mom instigated.
  • Playing games by the real rules

Favorite Activities:

  • Doing the volcano experiment (with vinegar and baking soda)
  • Pretending to be baby Henry (Nanny Tilly's new baby boy)
  • Any kind of art project - unfortunatlely, some of these project ideas arrive in the middle of the night, contributing to our sleepless nights

Cute Quotes and Conversations

  • During a game of dominos with Dad, Jazz explains to Mom later: "I had a piece that didn't know the rules. It wanted to go when it was Dad's turn."
  • Asking Mom: "Can I have a baby sister?". When Mom said "No", Jazz begs: "Please, please can I have a baby sister?!" - not even if Jazz asks nicely!

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