Jasmine Nell Pratt's fifteenth month

(August 2006)

Cute baby tricks of the month:



Swinging on the hammock with cousins Kieran, Maggie, and Mikaela

Enjoying a game with Aunt Jennifer

Singing and Playing the piano

Cousin Mikaela is a good babysitter

Me and all six cousins

Sammy is so much fun! She even plays ball with me.

I like playing in Lake Champlain

and tasting the water

and learning to swim

But I do not like going under the water!!

giggling at grandma's kicks

Papa - what are you doing with my rocks?

Oooh blueberries!

are very yummy!

Cousin Kieran is nice enough to help me eat even more

Playing at the Little Gym

Learning to play cards like Mom and Dad

Isn't Seattle beautiful

I'm ready to swim in the Sound!

But, I'm willing to sit with Daddy since Mommy won't let me

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