Jasmine Nell Pratt's sixteenth month

(September 2006)

All these pictures were taken during our trip to Japan. See also the webpage from our Japan trip.


Cute baby tricks of the month:



charmed by Kazuo Hiraki - a friend of John's from when he taught in Japan in 1991

enjoying the toys in a child's amusement park at a shopping mall in Osaka, Japan

loving my first merry-go-round ride

so happy to be running around Japan!

Dad, I don't want to hold still to have my picture taken, even in this beautiful Japanese garden

I'm happy to show you my stones though

they are soooo much fun!

time to try a stone shower

a stone snack was pretty yucky though

loving Japan!

climbing is fun

Look, I can jump!

the table in our room in Japan is just right for my height

oh, there's a train coming!

yay! the train is here! - unfortunately, it was not the right train, but Mom and Dad were so distracted by my enthusiasm that they got on anyway

the fancy restaurant for our last dinner in Japan let me play with these cute rattles while we waited for dinner in our private dining room

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