Italy Photo Highlights

June - July 2003

Organized somewhat by theme: cathedral facades, tower views, cathedral interiors, Roman ruins, & water shots.

Florence - view from our hotel room window

Bergamo - in front of cathedrals with Emily in background

Florence - facade of baptistry and duomo

facade of the Siena cathedral

Wanda at top of Milan cathedral

Top of Milan cathedral

Pisa - the classic shot of baptistry, cathedral & leaning tower

Lucca cathedral

Scary stairs up to top of Lucca cathedral

San Gimingnano tower and Tuscan hills in background

Siena - view of cathedral from tower. They had planned for a huge cathedral - the wall on the left was supposed to be the front

Verona - view of town from Roman ruins

Florence - view of tower from duomo dome

Venice - St. Mark's Square and the Doge's Palace from across the canal

Rome - exterior of St. Peter's Cathedral from the dome

Wanda, John, Emily, & John in San Gimingnano

Florence - famous doors of the Baptistry

Rome - interior of St Ignazio

Rome - interior of St Peter's cathedral, Michaelangelo's Pieta

Bergamo - Rococo cathedral interior

Verona - interior of San Zeno Maggiore

Florence - interior of Santa Croce

Florence - interior of Baptistry

Rome - interior of Santa Maria Margioli

Florence - view of duomo interior from dome

Rome - St Peter's interior, the canopy

Milan cathedral interior

Verona arena

Rome - Wanda & John in an evening shot of the Colossium

Rome - forum columns at night

Tivoli - Hadrian's Villa ~120A.D.

Venice - John's parents in front of the Rialto Bridge

Tivoli - fountain at Villa D'Este

Tivoli - main fountain at Villa D'Este

Tivoli - another fountain at Villa D'Este