Big Island of Hawaii

January 5-8, 2005


beach and beautiful boat in front of our hotel - we went snorkeling just a bit further out

sunset from the same beach area where there were many big sea turtles as well

old lava near our hotel

up close lava

Look snow in Hawaii!

lush rural hills on the way to the east side of the island

cows everywhere in the countryside

a short but strenuous hike to this great view on the east coast

a closer look at the waterfall

from here we saw ~6 whales breach and blow - or it could have been one very active whale!

just a bit further inland - the valley next to the waterfall

the black beach leading to the valley

What flower is this?

It looked a lot like a Poinsettia to us but they're in huge bushes there

behind a waterfall at the overly fancy Hilton