Christmas in South Dakota

Dec 22-27, 2004

We arrived just in time for -12 F weather. Fortunately, it warmed up enough for a snow couple later...

Building a snow couple

Surprise! They look like John and Wanda (although Wanda's not happy with the exaggeration!)

See, Wanda's not that big!

A few days later... They're melting!!!

Christmas Eve at Mom's with Mom and Bill

Sara with her first present

Kathy relaxing

Troy's new T-shirt

Wanda's new jewlery and foot massage - properly disguised

Thais, Duane, Sara, and Kathy

Troy & Tammy

with all their loot

including 10 individually wrapped socks!


A walk to the creek

Wild turkeys in the park

they really want the food!

Sandy and Dutch fighting over a stick

Frozen fog out at Troy's new house in the country

even cactus were covered

gorgeous view of Troy's 10 acres (and the neighbor's)