Dad's 70th Birthday

On October 25, 2003, Troy and Wanda made a surprise visit to Dad, Victor Pratt, for his 70th birthday.

Thanks to Terri for making all the arrangements for the surprise party (including getting Vic's boss to make him take the weekend off - despite vehement protests from Vic), to David for taking some of these pictures, and to Carol and all her offspring for giving my dad a great party!

See also pictures from the beach on the next day.

Surprise #1 - Troy appears at the ball game on Friday night

Surprise #2 - Wanda suprises Dad at home on Saturday

Surprise #3 - a big party with nearly all of Carol's extended family

with plenty of party toys

Megan showing off baby-to-be

fun with party toys

Terri joins in the fun

Carol's kids with a virtual Susan under the baseball cap

lighting the 70 candles as quickly as possible

gathering the kids to help blow out the cake fire

get ready, get set...


a big card from all of us

The whole fun group.