Photos from Our Trip to Vienna

April 24 - May 1, 2004

Wanda organized a workshop for the CHI conference in Vienna, and John joined her near the end of the conference for a few days of sightseeing.

View from Wanda's hotel room - on the top floor after complaining about extreme street noise from her room the first night

Nighttime view from hotel room

Interior of the Franzikaner Church

pulpit of Franzikaner

Greek Orthodox Church

Altar of St Augustine Church

Interior of Jesuiten Churck

Interior of Maria Stiegen Church

Flowers in front of Karls Church

Exterior of Karls Church which shows the interesting combination of architectural styles

Altar of Karls Church

Closeup of ceiling fresco in Karls Church - the church was being renovated so we were allowed to go on the scaffolding and see the ceiling up close

Another close shot

A very different kind of display in St Barabara Church

Another part of St Barabara Church

Our favorite church in Vienna - the Votiv Church - shows the dramatic effect of cleaning

Tower on Votiv Church


The stained glass windows of Votiv - our favorite part

Choir inside St Stephen's Cathederal - the most famous church in Vienna, at the heart of the inner city

Stained glass and organ in St. Stephens

Another exterior shot - where you can see the new colorfully tiled roof - the original roof was destroyed in WWII

A closeup of the roof from a tower - obviously taken by John since Wanda would never be that high!

Another roof closeup

Outside of St. Stephens

The new modern Haas Haus beside and reflecting St Stephen's Cathederal

We loved this modern building and had a divine dinner on the top floor of it

Interesting new museum that had an incredible Rembrandt exhibit

Statue outside the Hofburg Palace

A modern art museum called Hundertwasser Haus where we saw a great photography display

Cute dog taking a break from the heat - actually it seemed like a perfect temperature to us

One of many statues in the streets of Vienna

Very strong woman holding up a building :)

What a library!!! It had us both drooling

John outside the Belvedere Palace

Rat Haus - the city hall - maybe our city halls should be called Rat Houses too!

Lilacs were in full bloom here with a nice view of the Rat Haus in the distance. We went inside the lovely Rat Haus for my conference reception.

Wanda in front of the Schonbrunn Palace, which at one time was considered the royalty's country palace but now is a short metro ride from inner city

View of Schonbrunn Palace from the Gloriette

John and the Gloriette

Wanda in front of the Gloriette at Schonbrunn

John having finally found his way out of the hedge maze below

Neptune Fountain at Schonbrunn

Closeup of Neptune Fountain

View of Schonbrunn from the other side of Neptune's Fountain

Wanda dwarfed by the incredible tree hedges at Schonbrunn

Wanda at one of the many fountains at Schonbrunn with the faux Roman ruins in the background

Schonbrunn's faux Roman ruins

closeup of fountain at ruins