Weeks 2-3 of Upstairs Remodel

Week 2's progress was not as dramatic because it consisted of a lot of support work in the first two floors of the house. However, week 3 was even more dramatic than week 1!


view of new steel beam from entryway downstairs

view of stairs leading upstairs - temporary support

downstairs bedroom also needed support work and rearrangement of light fixture to make room for the steel beam

new beams and start to hole in roof (with protective tarp for Seattle weather)

no roof on back half of bedroom

with raingear

without rain gear (and lots of sun in the camera lens!)

voila! state of bedroom at 8am on Friday 9/6

view if we decided to have a deck instead of a bedroom

southwest view

northwest view

north view

they're fast - state of bedroom at 5pm on Friday 9/6

with appropriate raingear on of course